Dating a software engineer

The electronic signature, which can be generated by using either public key infrastructure or signature dynamics technology, must be as follows: Plan sheets of Tx DOT standard drawings are considered a product of the company which have evolved and been developed by many people over a considerable number of years and, in the case of existing standards, the details shown on the drawings have proven to be reliable through their years of use.

These drawings are not required to be signed and sealed by the responsible professional unless modified during the PS&E preparation for a specific project application.

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Engineering work transmitted in an electronic format that contains a computer generated seal shall be accompanied by the following text or similar wording: "The seal appearing on this document was authorized by (Example: Leslie H. A license holder may use a computer-generated representation of his or her seal on electronically conveyed work, an electronic signature of the license holder and date.

Even if you’re great relationship material, it still may not happen because of factors beyond your control.Chapter 137, Subchapter B: Sealing Requirements, §137.31 through 137.37 outlines the requirements for signing, sealing, and dating of engineering documents.Licensed professional engineers shall affix their seal and original signature or electronic seal and signature with the date on the final version of their engineering work before such work is released from their control. 0112) on (date)." unless accompanied by an electronic signature as described in this section.The responsible engineer will identify, in the Index of Sheets located on the Title Sheet, those standard drawings that he/she issues with the plans and is to add the following note or similar note with signature, seal, and date in the proximity of the Index of Sheets on the Title Sheet: “The standard sheets specifically identified above, plus sheets ____, ____, ____, ____, ____, have been issued by me and are applicable to this project.” When “Standard” drawings are modified, the engineer is to identify the components on the drawing that are modified, sign, seal and date the drawing.The engineer is also responsible for the changes, plus the effect of any design relationship between the revised and the original components on all other plan sheets.

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