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This 1960-style model originally listed at .90 "Cash" including the amp but without the "sturdy chipboard" case, which set you (or dad) back an extra .95. All original with some minor wear (most noticeable on the headstock edges) and rubbing off of the sparkles in well-played areas. These were clearly intended for beginning electric guitar players, and were the forerunners to the familiar "amp-in-case" models that proved massively popular in the mid-60's. A very funky-sounding old danno, with the original chipboard case (not .95 extra now! This guitar is dated to the 20th week of 1961 and must have been one of the very last ones produced, perhaps the result of some lingering seasonal orders! It also represents the last of the original single-cutaway 1950's style Danno instruments with the old "Coke bottle" headstock, being replaced by this point with flashier designs. The set is unusual in that it uses metal-glass tubes, an early and short lived competitor to RCA's metal tubes!It appears to have been made by Colonial Radio, and the build quality is quite high.Unfortunately the cabinet has been stripped of its original finish. I always avoid knowingly purchasing a radio that has been restored by a collector, as many take shortcuts such as removing the original capacitors and filters.When tested, the radio actually did work as stated, so all major parts should be OK.

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Overall a cool and unusual Danelectro with a fun story behind it.

The radio had seen NO servicing that I could find - all the original parts were still in place, even the power cord.

I decided to try to maintain the original above and below chassis appearance to the extent possible.

The Danelectro Amp-In-Case, properly known as Solid-body Electric Guitar with "All-in-one" Amplifier-Case or Silvertone 1448/1449/1451/1452/1457 is a line of guitar sets introduced from 1962 to 1968.

It was sold for .95 (equivalent to approximately 8 in today's funds), sometimes including a 45 rpm how-to-play record, as part of Sears Silvertone.

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