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MEDINA, Ohio - Medina County property owners can expect to see increases in their tax bills for 2017.And while some of that can be attributed to new tax levies and a countywide property value reappraisal, a change in state law may be the most significant reason.It seems that he was supposed to be organizing the NFLs Toys for Tots program this [] This fellow, Charles Louis Hopkins, was on the old POW Network website.According to folks who know him, hes back at his old story-telling since that website came down; He said he was captured close to Da Nang in 1968, and spent 32 days as a POW in a tiger cage.

In a civilian court, he pleaded guilty to two other murders and five other rapes.

When asked since [] The New York Daily News tells the story of John Taylor who posed as an oil tycoon and businessman to scam a number of women across the country out of hundreds of thousands of dollars meeting the women on dating websites like; Alleged conman John Taylor stole nearly 0,000 after tricking at least 15 [] The folks at Military Phonies send us their work on William George Miller who wants folks to believe that he was a member of SEAL Team 5 decades before it existed; Despite his claim that he was so secret that his records would be archived for 50 years (even though he was talking about this [] William J. He once sent a phony lawyer after us because, ostensibly, he had turned his life around and had quit pretending to be a SEAL. According to the Northwest Herald, he offered his services as a highly decorated SEAL to [] Someone sent us their work on this fellow, Alton Doyle Glenn who chose to get in a pissing contest on the internet with some real snake-eaters who called him out for his claims of being a SEAL and a Vietnam veteran.

Here he is with his little SEAL ballcap; Well, he was in the Navy, [] Someone sent us their work on this fellow, William Thomas who likes to tell stories about being a B17 pilot during World War II around Northport, New York; The truth is that William joined the Army a year after World War II ended in September, 1946 and he was discharged in December 1949 as a [] The other day, we talked about Chris Suprun, the faithless elector that claims hell vote against Trump in the Electoral College election today.

But some of those choices can lead to more than an awkward first date.

Without taking precautions, you could fall victim to one of the many online dating scams.

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