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“Rear wheel horsepower was at least 30 percent lower than the reported gross figure, in some cases even more,” Campisano said.

Some readers must have been stunned to see that an LS6 Chevelle SS, with 450-hp rating, put down 288 rear wheel hp in the dyno test.

Forty years after the end of the “classic” muscle car era, there is still some confusion over horsepower ratings, especially how they relate to today’s cars. Prior to 1972, American carmakers used the SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers) “gross” measurement of horsepower.

Gross meant the figure was taken from an engine running on a test stand, with no air cleaner assembly, accessories or exhaust system connected.

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The motor was run sans accessories and with an electric water pump.

Even though Eric says he’s “openly straight,” he has no problem playing a gay man on television. I’m certainly falling in love with Eric Stonestreet more and more each day!

On-screen fiance Jesse Tyler Ferguson, who is gay, doesn’t view it as an issue, either. ” The pair also has a running joke about Eric being “gay for pay.” “He’s straight in real life, and they pay him X amount of dollars to be gay,” Jesse said on initially affect Eric’s portrayal of Cam. But he got the role.” Eric eventually scaled back on Cam’s effeminacy, but still received some criticism.

IN PART 1 of our "Remember The Titans" series last month, we took a look at a few bolt-on performance components for the early ('96-'98) Cobra 4.6.

As you know, the early DOHC mod motor differs from the late-model version by way of cylinder heads and intake manifold.

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