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I was new to the neighborhood, and I hadn’t made my way there yet.The bar was famed for its trivia night and tight-knit crew. Apparently, his roommates and a plethora of his co-workers were regulars. He texted me daily after that, until we went out the following week. While I’d considered myself permanently retired from online dating (yes …You’ve led me to several other blogs written by clever, funny people, who make me laugh out loud as I relate to their experiences.So, blog, while you have yet to garner a huge following, it has been lovely to connect with those people who have left comments here.Whilst friends and family are surrounded by loved ones; there’s just me, my cat and a bottle of gin.I represent a real life, very Northern and slightly less posh Bridget Jones.It’s inevitable that I’ll wake up alone on Christmas Day, it’s certain that I’ll lack someone to have a spooning session with as the Boxing Day hangover subsides…..but rather than moping about it, crying into my Bramble in my over sized hoodie; I figured I’d fill my festive season with fun and frolics – and then write about it.

Recently, my music producer boyfriend was on the VIP list to see Bassnectar at Terminal 5 in NYC, and although I'm not one to "pump up the jam" on a regular basis, I decided to go with him. I realized they were my weekly mix of calcium and fish oil supplements, but for all I cared, they could've been a bottle of Boniva with a sticker seal of approval by Sally Field.Through you, I’ve discovered that I’m not ‘unnatural’ for not wanting to have kids.That enjoying being single and ‘onely’ is totally fine – and that there are other people out there who likes it too.The date might include coffee, or perhaps dinner or maybe some afternoon delight……What you’ll get from this blog is a true and accurate portrayal of my 2016 Christmas.

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