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If you've still got one of these phones, it might be time for an upgrade anyway. After all, the vast majority of cool stuff created by our developers requires root access. Other times, it’s going to a whole different version of Android.The CM12 ROM for Xperia SP is reportedly stable enough for daily use and any new bugs discovered in this release will be fixed in the forthcoming updates for Cyanogen Mod ROM.Interested users can go ahead and install the latest Lollipop based CM12 ROM on their Xperia SP by following our step-by-step guide provided below.Additionally, ensure that your phone has at least more than 50% of battery power left, this is just an advisory which if followed then you will not experience any difficulties as while updation of the device the battery consumption is at a maximum, 5.Ensure that your computer / laptop which runs on a XP, Vista or Windows 7 OS the firewall and other antivirus programs are disabled and also you should have admin privileges to download and install the software including the drivers and also along with this you will be requiring the USB port on your computer which supports USB 2.0. Last but not the least, you will have to ensure that you follow the instructions carefully. As it is with leftovers, so it is with Android phones, or at least their manufacturers' willingness to expend time and money updating the software.Xperia Blog reports that Sony announced a dozen of its older Android phones won't be getting any more software updates.

Once all the files are in place, users simply flash the pre-rooted kernel.IBTimes UK reminds readers that it will not be held liable for any damage to device during or after the ROM installation. Pre-requisites Downloads Required Cyanogen Mod 12 Android 5.0.2 ROM for Sony Xperia SPGoogle Apps Voice Calls Fix Data Fix (follow steps on XDA to download and install)Wi Fi Hotspot Fix Steps to Install Unofficial Cyanogen Mod 12 Android 5.0.2 ROM on Sony Xperia SPStep 1 - Download Cyanogen Mod 12 Android 5.0 custom ROM for Xperia SP on the computer.Step 2 - Connect and mount the phone's USB mass storage on computer with the USB cable.Anything which is in SD card will not be lost, so you can alternatively move to SD Card. Next up remove the SIM card as well as the external SD cards if any in your phone, just to make sure that in an unlikely event the data in it doesn’t get corrupted, 3.Ensure that you have kept original USB cable handy which you have got with your Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc, 4.

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